Conversation Intelligence: What it is and 4 Reasons Startups need to invest in it.

Conversation Intelligence: What it is and 4 Reasons Startups need to invest in it.

Conversation is one effective way to learn about your potential customer’s pain points, who they see as your competition, and ways to improve your product and with the emergence of technology and new advances in artificial intelligence, we now have the opportunity to converse with machines (like our phones) in our native language and solve problems.

Conversation Intelligence

“Conversation Intelligence is an AI-based solution that integrates with a business’s customer engagement platforms and then records, transcribes, and analyzes the call for call intelligence, sales reps performance, market intelligence, and deal intelligence.”

Working from home, the only way to communicate with the team or a client was through the use of applications such as Zoom, Google Meet, or one of your other video call platforms. Now there’s the opportunity of communicating without contact.

Conversation Intelligence powered by AI has become the go-to tool for businesses as it is effective for recording, transcribing, and analyzing calls for customer insights, market insights, and training new sales hires. It has simply grown in popularity as market demand. 

Why Should Startups Invest in Conversation Intelligence?

As we established above, conversational intelligence software goes beyond call recording and cloud meetings, it analyzes discussions, takes notes, and users to quickly access crucial points from conversations.

Track and evaluate communication

It is critical to capture customer feedback, learn their stories and the pain points they may experience so you can develop products/services that people want and market them successfully.

But… it is not an easy task as you or your quality assurance team cannot possibly monitor every single conversation with your customers. Conversation Intelligence technology, on the other hand, can provide you with that assurance by covering, recording, and accounting for every interaction with both your team and customers without error.

Gain valuable insights into your customer’s perspective

Customer engagement provides one of the best and most up-to-date markets and customer insights. Customer engagement on a daily basis, whether from your customer success team, sales team, or customer support team, contains critical market and revenue intelligence are services Conversation Intelligence can provide, which in other words, answers questions such as Product features and pricing of your competitors, customer demand, their pain points, and the market trends

This information can assist startups in determining their pricing, services, marketing, and sales strategies.

Efficient Team Collaboration

The pandemic brought with it the “working remotely” challenge, but it also brought with it perfect solutions, so much so that, even though the pandemic is over, most businesses, particularly SaaS startups, have adopted a hybrid working model.

The problem is that you have no idea what your team members are up to or how they are handling certain operations.

Conversation Intelligence software can automatically record, analyze, and log daily activities, as well as take notes and record them on CRM, ensuring that no data is missed and making it transparent for the entire business to view and provide feedback and assistance as needed.

Better Understand of How to Carry Out Transactions

One major issue that most startups face is a lack of understanding of their deal’s success or failure factor.

Conversation Intelligence provides a detailed view of a proposed deal from start to finish, including the loss point, the complexities, opportunities, and other activities and factors.

You can use this information to improve your follow-up calls and demonstrate excellent deal strategies when you have a deal on the table.

5 conversation intelligence solutions to think about







These conversation intelligence software can do much for you as both an existing or a new startup looking to optimize your day to day operations

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