Conscious & Aware

Who We Are & How We Serve

Innovation Support Network (ISN Hubs) is a not-for-profit organization that supports Hubs and Enterprise Support Organizations through policy advocacy, by creating linkages and collaborations that drive employability and entrepreneurship, and through promoting structures that drive Hub sustainability. We support SDG 8, 9, 10 & 17.

What is CONSCIOUS? Promoting Circular Economy Thinking through Incubators

The world needs more climate-conscious businesses to reduce thearbitrary use of natural resources, reduce waste and optimizeprocesses. In Nigeria, the concept of the circular economy is currentlypredominantly connected to recycling single-use plastics. However,
only 10% of used plastics get recycled globally, as such, this “postproblem” solution is not very effective.

We are creating a “pre-problem” solution: to imbibe circular economyplanning in Nigerian startups from ideation stage through incubator
programs. This training, called Conscious, would have two tracks –
Enabling Conscious; a Train-the-Trainer module for Hubs andEnterprise Support Organisations and Creating Conscious; for startups.

Enabling Conscious - ESOs

Delivering the Trainings
Helping startups identify process & system changes
Helping startups extend their waste supply chains
Helping startups identify potential partners

Building Conscious - Startups

Understanding and owning Circular Thinking
New product ideologies, processes & systems
Building more sustainable products
Looping consumption and educating customers

How to Support Conscious?

  • Access to materials and case studies for Train-the-Trainer sessions and curriculum
  • Access to Resource Persons to participate in live and/or recorded virtual sessions
  • Access to Resource Persons to help the transition from linear to circular business plans
  • Funding for Program Delivery, Advocacy & Promotion

Where and when would Conscious be delivered?

The global environment crisis is urgent and expedient. All actions towards changing mindsets and behaviors must be prioritized immediately to achieve new 2040 targets Conscious will be available in Q1/ 2022 through hybrid sessions held in Hubs and virtually. It would be a timed program running simultaneously across >50 Hubs in Nigeria. Content would subsequently be available online for participants as well as new users The program would be offered free of charge to ESOs (Train the Trainer) and Startups. Conscious would be a standalone program with module that can be incorporated into existing programs.