Driving Access to Financial Inclusion For Micro-Entrepreneurs

DAFIM is a multi-stakeholder initiative that leverages the International Labour Organisation’s Start and Improve Your Business curriculum and Innovation Support Network’s pool of trainers and Innovation Hubs to support the training of 60,000 participants in Abia, Adamawa, Akwa Ibom, Kaduna, Kogi and Ogun states over a period of two years with a target audience of 60% women, 30% at-risk youth and 10% people with disabilities.

To achieve this, the target groups will be provided with awareness and socialization around NYIF, offline alternatives to the online NYIF process, criteria fulfillment support, business training in local languages, and additional subsequent guidance along the NYIF application process. 

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DAFIM Participants in Kaduna State

The DAFIM Outreach in Kaduna has come to an end, reaching a total of 3753 women, at-risk youth and people living with disabilities. Participants were pleased to be beneficiaries of the initiative which provided them with knowledge and skills for their business growth and access to credit.

Over 500 individuals were also registered with the National Identity Number (NIN) and opened bank accounts with the assistance of representatives from NIMC and Zenith Bank, which are criteria for accessing the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund.

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Kogi - isnhubs

In the Anyingba, Lokoja, Girinya, Okene, and Okehi Local Government Areas of Kogi State, more than 2000 people with disabilities, at-risk youths, and women have received the DAFIM training.

The participants, who were selected from the three senatorial districts of the State, were trained on how to access the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) through awareness and socialisation, offline alternatives to the online NYIF process, support for completing the criteria, business training, and additional subsequent guidance throughout the NYIF application process.

The local languages of the Kogi people which are Igala, Ebira, and Okun, were used to conduct the DAFIM Outreach. 

From generating your business idea—the first step in becoming an entrepreneur—to taking ownership, introducing, and developing products, packages, and projects, beneficiaries of the training gained knowledge of practical methods for growing their businesses to a sustainable level.

The participants applauded the DAFIM Outreach for being extremely engaging and interactive at the conclusion of each training session.

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