Who we are ?

Innovation Support Network (ISN Hubs) was formed by 75 Hub owners who came together to create a not-for-profit organization which supports them with policy advocacy; creating linkages between corporates, academia, funders and development partners as well as promoting structures that drive Hub sustainability. We are now a community of 150+ entrepreneurship, impact, innovation and technology Hubs across Nigeria. In addition, we promote Capacity Building among Hubs through National & Regional Knowledge Share Gatherings, Demo Days and Meet the Funders Sessions.

We directly support SDG 8, 9, 10 & 17.
Driving Collaboration, Innovation, Employability & Entrepreneurship through Hubs

To organise, inspire, support and foster collaboration among Nigerian Hubs to provide employability and entrepreneur support services for a diversified economy while promoting the Technology, Innovation and early-stage Entrepreneurship ecosystem.

How we serve

Capacity Development
Setting Standards
Access to Opportunities
Stakeholder Engagement